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Kim Klaver
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Berkeley, CA 
Esteemed one,

Does this sound familiar?

"After years of struggling with my network marketing business, I was ready to give up. I tried everything – books, on line courses, networking events, home events, company conferences, company trainings, heck I even tried cold calling – Yuck! 
"Oh, I got some customers. In some cases, even quite a few. But the truth was… I just wasn’t making any real money. 

"Certainly not more than I was spending trying to make it all work. I was ready to throw in the towel...

Then along comes Kim Klaver with her  new program...
31 Days later I've got my own followers, am being retweeted by famous people with tens of thousands of followers and have a hundred of my own followers! 

 ~ Julie Burns

Then there's Vic...
"I was ridiculously and miserably stuck when I started 31 Days. I didn't want to tell anybody just how bad I was feeling inside...

"I read every self-help book out there and attended all kinds of seminars over the years to quietly fix this but it wasn't happening.
"Kim showed me how to march to my own drummer without going to therapy or looking for permission from the naysayers (my family and friends) in my life anymore...

"Last week I got my first paying clients ($775 right into my PayPal account on day 32). I have never  done that before!" 

~Vic Link

Sounds crazy, right?  

They. Did. Not. Think. They. Could. But they did.

What if I could help you get off that 'pot' in 31 Days? Do you WANT to?

Before I explain...

You might be asking yourself-
  • Is this one of those things where they tell you to just keep doing what you don't want to, and 'just get through' it?   Ha. No. I always thought that was dumb. I'll show you so you will want to do what you need to...
  • DO I have enough to offer others? Many folks ask that. Answer: If you've overcome any obstacle in your life, you can help others!
  • Do I have to accost others? No! Never.
  • Can I do this if I'm an introvert? Most top marketers online (like my friend Frank Kern) have admitted publicly they're introverts. 
OK, so here's what I've got for you.... 
  • You believe 110% that you can help others improve their lives because you've helped someone before... you've learned life lessons, and you want to help more people...
  • If personal growth is HIGHLY important to you..
  • If you know you must act now because time is running out...
  • If you know you can make a difference in the lives of others  -  with your private kick-butt person at hand...
Consider this... :)

Some of you know I'm running an elite 181-day program called Celebrity Marketer ($297/mo for 6 months).  The class is full of folks determined to make right now their time

So what's with the "31 Days" program?

Well, the need for this unusual mini-program came as a result of 29 private consultations with my inner-circle Celebrity Marketer Mastermind members.

And, after speaking privately to 29 very committed, passionate and truly caring marketers and coaches - I realized that the common problem holding them back did not lie in their approach. 

No... time after time... real problem was: 

How to:

1) choose the "meaningful stuff to get done" and
2) how to get it done, and then...
3) just DO it.

In. This. Lifetime.

That's not a comfortable truth, I know. And of course, in public we have all kinds of external gripes and problems. 

But during these personal and private discussions, my mastermind members confided the true barriers holding them back. 

For several it was the first time they had ever realized just how much they had to offer and were just not sure about how to go about offering it.

Here are a few things they told me...
  • Kim, I'm tired of having day after day go by without me accomplishing anything really significant with my business. I'm sick of it and frankly, I'm embarrassed by it. 
  • Kim, I know I could do this if I just had a specific list of things I knew I could do, or learn to do. I'd do them! I have a LOT to offer!
  • Kim, will you please just stick with me and kick me in the butt when I need it so I can off this pot once and for all?
 After hearing that, I knew that my answer must be "Yes."

Yes, I will stick with you. 

Yes, I will show you the handful of things that really work and really matter. 

Yes, I will be your friend, but also your mentor and your "butt-kicker" when you need one :) 

Yes, I will do that for you. 

But here's the rub... not everyone is ready or even capable of investing in a six-month masterclass with me. 

So, how can I still help you? 

Then the simple answer came - strip the 181-day
training down to the core principles that Steve Jobs, Jerry Seinfeld, and the dancing girl used to achieve their stupendous success - and offer it in one mini-masterclass. 

It's what got the elite members off the pot.
The "31 Days To Get Off The Pot"
Before we get started, I have some questions for you...

Click the link below and talk to me?
PS - Still wondering if this is right for you? 

Did I mention we have high six-figure earners in the class who are breaking new personal bests?
"I found my two Superstars in just 6 weeks, in Kim's 31-Day program, without having to struggle for2 +1/2 years, like in my first Venture!" 

~Robert Arthur
Isagenix six-figure earner
If 31 Days has catapulted beginners and high six figure earners off the pot, think it's worth a look by you?

How much longer do you want to be stuck where you are?

Ready for YOUR 31-day transformation?

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Your Friend,

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