Some people become celebrities to others
because they believed they could help
They did NOT have a big audacious goal.
 Sound like you?

Did you know Suze Orman said THIS?
Just in from the live interview...
"I really thought I was going to be a waitress my whole life...
I thought, maybe I'll even open up my own restaurant. 
That was my goal..."

Other tidbits...

"I never wanted to be public about anything"
"I never set out - ever - to be world's personal financial advisor"
"I never set out to be a New York Times Best Selling author"
"I never set out to have my own show..."

So how did she become a big star? 
She shares the secret almost nobody knows about her
in this unusual short video...

She rose to stardom without seeking it out...
She didn't have it as a goal. Here's how it happened...
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